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Dating Tale and Tip - Pass on the Butts to Save a Date

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:48pm

A smoker friend of mine dumped a guy because he smoked too much.

Yeah, imagine that. A four to five cigarette a day smoker can’t date a chain smoker!

I guess it’s because there’s nothing sexy about stained yellow teeth, smoky breath, and stinky fingertips. However, can we all agree that there is something sexy about a man with a scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other?

I’m off track.

According to my friend, she really liked the guy she met on Yahoo!, but after she realized he was sneaking into the mens bathroom for a couple butts at a professional hockey game, she thought twice.

“Couldn’t he just just wait,” my friend said. “The game was almost over, but yet he just had to get away.”

My friend is pretty open minded and being a smoker herself she never would’ve imagined that it would bother her.

If only he had passed on those few butts he might’ve saved his date from total demise. Moral of the story - buy the gum and don’t neglect your date just for a smoke. Buy the gum.

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