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Dating Advice – How to Successfully Date a Doctor

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:37pm

In the last several months quite a few Dating Tales readers have opened up about their doctor dating woes. It got me thinking about how to successfully date a doctor. You know, how to date a guy that you are attracted to because of his intelligence, his drive, and his compassion, and yet still say sane with all those crazy hours and silly egos.

Here is my advice for you if you choose to date a doctor.

Find patience. Understand that he is not like all the other guys. Chances are your doctor friend won’t remember all of his social commitments and he won’t have the time to call or see you as much as you like.

There’s never a reason to settle, but when dating a doctor there is reason to have a little patience with his busy schedule and over-stimulated mind.

Keep your sense of humor. Without laughter you might just lose your mind. Ask anyone who has dated a doctor before and they will tell you…if you can’t laugh about being stood up for the third Friday in a row or having to help your genius boyfriend match his outfits, then it’ll never work.

Light-heartedness is critical when dating a doctor.

Look for camaraderie with others who are also dating doctors. There is no better way to deal with life than to vent to someone who knows what you are going through. Wives and girlfriends of doctors everywhere can relate to the trials and tribulations of dating a doctor.

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