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Posted Oct 24 2009 10:21am

Well, I just wrote this one, but it didn't take for some reason, so there may be two of these blog posts- i dont know...

Last night I went out dancing with my V. Yup, had to find a skirt that wouldnt fly up to reveal nothing underneath, but still I had a fun fun time! Danced with some very fun partners and felt pretty good. Yes, there was some discomfort, but it passed cause all that dancing around helps- nothing like a breeze blowing up there!

That and sitting on ice are good things! A strange life I have to lead-always vigilant about secretly protecting that vestibule that feels like an open wound...weird that it feels normal to be like this, huh?

So, just a short post.

Giving myself lots of kudos for going out and dancing with this thing!

YAY me!

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