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CoDependency Recovery Support Groups

Posted Feb 21 2009 9:39pm



Thanks for the emails and updates. I wondered if you are aware of any support groups to work on my issues of codependency? Do people still just go to Alanon? (I recently divorced and my ex was addicted to “chat rooms”, and spending. He is a narcissist and I enabled him financially, but only came to this knowledge in counseling about one year ago. I am so ready to try to move toward healing..

Thanks for any suggestions..


- - - - -

Hi, V,

Congratulations on getting on with your life. Here are some resources.

Co-dependents Anon, still exists and has a meeting finder on their website. Alanon is still useful. Jonathan and I both still work with people about these issues individually either in person or by phone or Skype.

If you want to look at the Inner Child issues that made you vulnerable in the first place there are still some issues of An Action Plan for Your Inner Child: Parenting Each Other on our website, Our book, Recovery from CoDependency: It’s Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Childhood is available on Amazon.

Is this you? “I don’t need therapy, but I could use some advice about…”

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