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Coaching Schedule, Scheduling Issues, Premium Membership, Bootcamps

Posted Jul 30 2012 7:01pm

Hi all:

1. I don’t know why the scheduler is not accepting payments. Believe me, that is not my idea. Please email me about appointments. (I think the payment glitch is fixed).

2. As my regular clients know, not all of my availability is on the scheduler because I talk to people all over the world. Yes, I can talk to you at 6 am if you’re in Japan but if you’re down the street, I’d prefer to wait until later. :)

I do schedule late night and early morning appointments to my clients in other time zones, so please ask if you think that the time available is a problem. I also work almost every weekend so please let me know if you need a weekend appt. Again, not every available appointment is on the scheduler. If the time you want/need is not on the scheduler (esp if you’re in another time zone), please email me. I

3. I normally work 6 or 7 days a week. But this week I am only here tomorrow and Saturday afternoon/evening. On Wednesday I am going to Boston where, hopefully, my new granddaughter will be born (her sister took 2 days to appear so hopefully that is not the case). I am taking care of her sister (age 2) and the dog, Mattingly, while they are at the hospital.

I can talk in email and I can talk via phone or Skype after 8 pm Eastern time (Brynn goes to bed at 8). If that doesn’t work I can probably figure out something during the day when she naps. If you are a regular client and need to talk, PLEASE email me, do not “white knuckle” it until we speak again. Don’t worry about bothering me. Trust me, I can handle it and don’t want you to be a mess because you don’t want to bug me.

4. This past weekend and today has been a nightmare. Pipes burst behind my office (not my client office but my office where my computer is etc) and they have had to cut through the wall and things are crazy and have been crazy. Most of my stuff in my office is under tarps and I had to move things quickly (just throw things in boxes and move) so my organization is a bit up in the air.

5. Time zones. I talk to people all over the country and all over the world. When I say 9 am, I mean my time. :)

I know we all have had some calculation issues the past few weeks so before we hang up or disconnect from Skype, let’s be on the same page. I’m going to start sending confirmations 2 days before so the time zone thing doesn’t happen. I apologize for any confusion. There has been a lot of confusion the past few weeks and I will start to confirm a few days ahead of time so we’re all on the same page.

6. If you are a paid subscriber, you are entitled to the Premium Area which is being populated slowly.

7. If you are a Premium Member feel free to friend me so I can see your status updates etc, but I have been busy and have not accepted everyone’s request (yet).

8. Bootcampers! I know everyone has 2 weeks of assignments that need feedback and I’m getting it done. Today’s assignment for you is late due to the plumbing issues but I will get it posted tonight or tomorrow. Due to my wacky schedule this week, feel free to take another day or two getting this week’s assignment back to me. I am also a few nights behind reading your journal (again, plumbing issues) and I like to read them before finishing up my feedback. Sorry for the delay.

9. The August and Sept bootcamps (ACOA/ACDF and Self-Esteem) are filling up. If you are unclear about it or think you want to sign up please send me an email.
My experience is that people like to wait until the last minute and then they are shut out and I hate to turn people away especially when it’s specialized bootcamps as these two are because I don’t offer them very often. So please let me know. If you have questions, please ask! Thanks.

10. If you are a paid subscriber we have new features and a member area and much more coming. If you try to access the premium area and cannot, please let me know so I can upgrade you. Not every email address from PayPal lines up with the email address I have for you on the blog. So let me know and I’ll get your membership upgraded ASAP.


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