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Chapter 5 In The Life Of A Gypsy

Posted Jun 02 2009 3:27pm
Our time is up in our little haven in the mountains, so it's on our way we gooooooo....

He, down south; me, back with my eldest for a bit.

The last few days up there were interesting. On Friday, a dragonfly flew in my car window and stayed with me the whole way home. It sat right next to me by the open window. I swear to got it was looking at me. I looked back. It was gorgeous...with a beautiful, deep periwinkle strip on its tail and a bit on its wings.

Then came the snakes...three in about 24 rattler, two gopher snakes.

Then the flies. We always had the windows open, but all of a sudden they came into the house in droves. I got to practice faux whipping. It was a wholesale fly massacreeeee of the highest order. Kinda fun killing them, actually. I even did karate sounds when I got 2 or three at a time. One time I even got FOUR of the little suckers in one swmack.

I'm asking what's with all the bugs and animals? Anyone versed in this stuff? Not much online in the totem department to suit my needs.

Then, as we were driving out of the canyon for the last time, he in front, me behind, I noticed water trails on the road. Hmmmm....

The last three times he's left, it's been with us wondering if the car would make it. It did. He did end up falling asleep at the wheel at one point and woke up heading into the bushes at 70mph. But he was able to correct himself before crashing (pantpantpant). Interesting pattern he has of starting out his time down there overly stressed. His chest was even tight when he left. I laughingly tell him it's because his car and his heart are telling him to stay up here. With me. ("I CAN'T believe you're leaving me." "I'm NOT leaving you. I'm just leaving for a bit." "Me."...all said teasingly)

But he has his reasons to go and they are good ones. He has stuff to do down there. Important stuff. I agree that these are the best options for us both right now, even though not ideal. I miss him. Already. My big, cranky, persistent fuck, old man (my sweet endearments for him) and I will be apart for awhile.

Yes, I miss him already. But not as much as I remind him he's going to miss me. To which, of course he replies..."yes, Dear."
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