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Posted Jul 19 2012 7:58am

Hi All:

I had registration for 3 bootcamps posted early last week. I received a ton of questions and reservations for them. I removed the post so that I could answer questions and reserve space for anyone who wanted it and to explain it more based on the questions:

1. There are 3 bootcamps: ACOA/ACDF, Self-Esteem and regular GPYB Holiday Bootcamp I. There is a strict limit on the number of attendees for bootcamp so please sign up if you really want to join and are committed to it.

2. All bootcamps are on-line. You can be anywhere in the world and participate and each person participates on his / her own schedule.

3. There are NO prerequisites for these bootcamps. The only bootcamp that has a prerequisite is Bootcamp II which may be offered again in November.

4. A deposit holds your space for you as these fill quickly. If you are eligible for a discount, you only receive one on the deposit if you pay in payments. If you pay for the entire thing, you receive a discount on the entire amount. So the more you pay, the bigger the discount.

Descriptions/signup after the jump


1. The 6 week bootcamp is ACOA/ACDF which is basically people who grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional families. This bootcamp will focus on childhood issues, how they impact relationships and how to heal it.

This will be a very intense but healing bootcamp. Please DO NOT sign up unless you are willing to do the work.

Topics will include coping mechanisms, communication issues (in dysfunctional families communication issues are a lot of “why didn’t you read my mind?” or “let me tell you what you are thinking” or game playing etc…it’s important to break those habits and learn to communicate directly and effectively), defense mechanisms, boundaries and “what is normal?” and how you can get out from under a skewed version of reality and how to treat yourself well and demand being treated well from others (and what to do if you don’t get it). This is a six week bootcamp that starts August 17th.

I have 3 registrants already. Due to the intense nature of the bootcamp, we have to keep it to 6 (I occasionally let a bootcamp get a little bigger but not this one). Registration is open and you can register here: REGISTRATION There are discount codes available and a payment plan so if you think you are going, please register.


2. The second bootcamp is a 4 week bootcamp on self-esteem that starts Sept 1st. It is going beyond affirmations and will delve into deeper territory using cognitive and behavioral psychology with some of “where do these ideas come from?” But it is mostly focused on how to change your core beliefs and raise your self-esteem. It deals with how to like yourself and how to prepare for setbacks. There will be some affirmation work but this workshop is intended to go much deeper. It is for people whose breakup was a while ago and they still have work to do in this area and are ready to tackle it in more depth.

This workshop takes “affirmation/positive self-talk, self care” to a whole new level. Even if you’re just beginning affirmations, you can take this “immersion” course.

Registration is still open and you can register here: REGISTRATION

REGULAR GPYB Bootcamps (held approximately 3 times a year, next one is in November)

3. The next bootcamps (GPYB Bootcamps I and II) start right before Thanksgiving and end right after New Years. I don’t think there will be any bootcamps between Sept 28th and right before Thanksgiving. The holiday bootcamps tend to be intense and it’s hard, given this schedule, to put another one in between. While registration for BC I is open because people who missed this one wanted to register for the next one, please email me before registering. I don’t normally open registration this far in advance but I did want to give those who missed this last one to have first shot at the next one.

For bootcamp II the registration is not up, please email me for the prerequisites.

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