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Bootcamps I and II

Posted May 24 2012 4:45pm

Bootcamps I and II will start on July 6th. I have not started them before now because we are moving servers and things are getting shifted around and the bootcamps have to be stable and secure. So we will be testing the new website and servers in the next few weeks so we will have it all set by the end of June.

I always have more people interested than I have room for and then someone will drop out or disappear. The bootcamps are only offered approximately 3 times a year so please do not take a space if you cannot make the commitment.

Registration is not currently open but if you send me an email, I will save a space for you. Bootcamp is limited to 6 people. In the past we have filled up quickly so if you are interested, please let me know asap. Registration information, bootcamp descriptons and email address to reserve your space after the jump.

There are partial payment plans available as well a discount for payment in full. IF you need a partial payment plan different than the one offered, please let me know and we can arrange it. There is a discount if you are an alum, a paid subscriber or a private client and if you are 2 or 3, you get all the discounts. So let me know.

To see how registration works the form is here (registration is not yet open).

Registration Form

If you want to register when it open, click HERE to send me an email to save your space and be notified when registration opens up.

Description of Bootcamps:

Bootcamp I: The 40 Day bootcamp

Bootcamp requirements:

1) It’s a bootcamp. It’s going to be supportive and caring but it’s also going to be work.

Bootcampers pull together and learn to support each other.

2) There is journaling about 5 days a week. You are welcome to journal every day, of course. There will be two assignments in the first two weeks (more about assignments below). I ask that people take 4 days AT THE MOST off (of non-scheduled group time off) and not all at once, of course during the course of the bootcamp. Group support is important. To give and to get. In fact, it is THE single most important aspect of the group.

The first two weeks, the day off is on Sunday (even if you’re in a different time zone, your day off is Sunday), after the first three weeks, everyone gets Sunday off and then one day off of their choosing. Because the bootcamp is international, there might be different days that work for different people. I ask that people let others know when they’re taking their day off.

3) There is no set time to log on. The journaling must be more than “Hi, how’s it going. I went to work, came home, ate.” Of course there are going to be days like that, but the majority of the time it should be your thoughts and feelings so we can support you.

It is a NON-JUDGMENTAL atmosphere so you never have to be afraid of sharing your thoughts and feelings. We are here to HEAR you and to help you.

You comment on the other journals. It does not have to be everyone but at least two people. However, if you want to answer everyone, even if it’s just to say “Hang in there!” then you can but usually the commments are more substantial than that. This is to not only guarantee you support but also to teach you how to listen to other when you yourself are in pain. Most people don’t get the benefit of this until well after the bootcamp.

4) I read the journals every day otherwise I would not know you enough to respond to your assignments. I read journals every day and I ask people that if there is something in their journal they want me to respond to to put it in their assignment response (such as “as I said in my journal, this has been bothering me…”) There is a lot to read every day and if I responded to one person I would feel obligated to respond to all and that’s not possible so I ask that you direct me, in your assignments, to journal entries you want addressed from me.

I am ALWAYS available to my bootcampers! I think that group support is the most important but if you are in bootcamp, you have unfettered access to me for the duration of bootcamp. I will give you my phone number as well.

5) There is a 911 forum which I check every day if anyone needs immediate attention about something that came up. The other bootcampers are not responsible for answering 911s. We ask that the 911 post be about you and not what your ex called you to tell you. You will also have my personal email if you need to let me know there is a 911 post.

This description is just meant to be an honest assessment of the bootcamp. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be angry, sad and bored. And feel better at some point after the bootcamp. Maybe not exactly the day it ends…but you will be better.

If you sign up, please commit to the work and to your fellow campers! It is a very great experience and fast tracks your healing.

Again, it’s a bootcamp…it’s hard work and you get what you put into it…but you do have others to support and a group to commit to, so please sign up with that in mind.

Bootcamp II is the continuation of Bootcamp I which ends at the Relationship Inventory. However, you are welcome to join Bootcamp II if you are somewhere in-between or want to work further on your RI or do a new one. Whereas Bootcamp I is structured for the group, Bootcamp II is more personally focused to your process with the benefit of group support.

You do NOT have to have gone through Bootcamp I to join Bootcamp II. You could have worked through the Relationship Inventory on your own or with your own coach or therapist (or me) to join Bootcamp II.

Like Bootcamp I, it is 6 weeks long and involves journaling 5 days a week and responding to your fellow campers journals. You will have assignments each week which I give you feedback on. Week 2 starts the Life Inventories or another (or continued) Relationship Inventory. And if you’re ready (you don’t have to be) how to get back out on the dating scene. Again, Bootcamp II is more individualized.

The registration form is not available yet but if you email me and let me know you’re interested I will hold a spot for you.


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