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Been seeing a girl for 3 years now, who just wants to meet and doesn't want any love relationship..

Posted Sep 04 2008 2:10am

Your situation is rather delicate indeed : the origin of her 'indifference' can be multiple! For example :
- She could have love feelings for... someone else;
- She would well have a love relationship, but with someone of the same country / education / social background / religion / fields of interest or other criteria...
- Maybe she finds you very kind but possibly looks for a guy with more money or a more important job...
- Maybe she prefers for now keeping focused on her studies, or her job or her family,...
- Maybe she'd prefer to meet a man with another kind of physique, or more sturdy, or more romantic, or more 'refined', polished...
- If she's Japanese and not you, maybe she's scared about a relationship with a foreigner?

You see, there are a lot of possibilities. If you think that the reason is not mentioned above, just try to have better communication with her : be frank, D A R E! ASK her!
Another way is to make a lot of things together : so she will know you better and maybe discover some of your qualities that she never noticed. For example, women love men who make them laugh or men who are very reliable, etc...
Anyway, in my book, you'll find a large amount of information on how to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship; trust me, you'll certainly find there a series of useful ideas!
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