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Baby Boomers A Miracle Nutrient For Your Brain!

Posted Aug 23 2008 9:18pm

Ask any baby boomer for his or her top five health concerns, and without a doubt one of them will be preserving memory and regular brain function.

At our age, it’s easy to start forgetting things, and easier still to worry that those common “senior moments” are the beginning of something more serious.

But there are things you can do to power up your brain. And one of those things is as easy as taking a supplement.

Glycerophosphocholine (GPC) is in the class of biochemicals known as phospholipids, which are critical for the health of your cell membranes.

GPC is a delivery form of choline, an essential brain nutrient. GPC supports mental performance, memory and brain function.

It’s also available as a powerful supplement that has been extensively researched for its effect on mental performance, attention, concentration, and memory formation.

It’s found in abundant quantities in mother’s milk - which tells us something about how important it is.

But there are only tiny amounts in food.

In one study, researchers gave volunteers either GPC or a placebo over the course of about 10 days.

Volunteers then took a chemical called scopolamine, which is known to cause almost complete (but temporary) amnesia.

Subjects who had taken the GPC had much less (and delayed) amnesia and performed far better on difficult memory tests.

The researchers concluded that GPC protected the brain’s attention and memory capacity.

The recommended dose for GPC is 300-1,200mg taken in the morning.

For best results, take it along with 500-1,000mg of essential fatty acids, such as any widely available fish oil supplement.

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