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Baby Boomers - 8 Health Checks That Can Save Your Life..

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:25pm

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That’s right, as a baby boomers we are now in the phase of our lives where we become more intimately acquainted with our doctor. It is in fact one of the steps integral towards longevity - having a doctor who knows you, your history and you see on a regular basis.

The 8 health checks are:

    1) Blood Pressure - WHAT Blood pressure is measured using and inflatable cuff! WHY High blood pressure stresses the heart which can lead to heart failure, stroke and kidney damage. ACTION Get annual check ups from your doctor, unless you need more regular monitoring.

    2) Breast Exam and Mammogram (ladies) - WHAT Physical and X-ray examination of the breasts to detect cancer. WHY Breast cancer can be treated and is mostly non-fatal when caught early. ACTION Monthly self-exams, annual gynae breast exam and annual mammogram from age of 40.

    3) Cholesterol and Triglyceride Testing - WHAT A blood sample is taken and analyzed. WHY Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are good indicators of heart disease risk.. ACTION Get annual check ups done by your doctor by means of a proper fasting blood test.

    4) Colonoscopy - WHAT A colonoscope examines your large intestine for possible colon and bowl cancer before symptoms may occur. WHY statistically colon cancer incidents are on the rise due to our inadequate diets. ACTION Get scanned at least once every 5 years.

    5) Heart Health - WHAT General heart check-up, which includes blood pressure and listening for irregularities in the heart. WHY To cancel and lower heart disease risk. ACTION Annual exams from the age of 20.

    6) Mole Screening WHAT Checking for changes to the shape or color of moles or anything unusual regarding your skin. WHY Preventative measures for skin cancer. ACTION Monthly self-examinations and a dermatologist should you notice any changes.

    7) Pap Smear (ladies) - WHAT A sample is taken from the cervix to detect cervical cancer. WHY It is one of the most common cancers amongst women. ACTION Bi-annual check-ups from the age of 20

    8) Prostate (men) - WHAT A rectal exam and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) level check. WHY Prostate cancer is very common in men over 50 and often there are no early symptoms. ACTION An annual rectal exam from the age of 50 unless you fall in a high risk category.

Because of developments in medical science and our knowledge base you have a real shot at living a healthy, longer life. The onus is on you to make use of the tools and knowledge available to you to achieve it however.

Baby boomers you have some of the most powerful health knowledge assembled on this blog, use it as your personal reference library and “add years to your life and life to your years”.

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