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Attend Your Mate’s Office Christmas Party to Discourage Workplace Affairs

Posted Dec 09 2008 9:14pm
In my previous post I promised to give you 3 more good reasons to attend the office Christmas party at your spouse or significant other’s job, regardless of whether or not you suspect a workplace affair.

Office Christmas Parties are Breeding Grounds for Workplace Affairs

Office parties tend to be breeding grounds for infidelity and extramarital affairs. A number of studies confirm that the workplace is the #1 place where cheating men and women find willing partners with whom to have an affair. One study found that 73 % of the cheating men and 42% of the cheating women met their affair partner at work.

According to one private investigation firm, affairs between co-workers are more likely to be initiated at the annual holiday party, than at any other time of the year. You need to attend this all-important company-sponsored social event with your spouse or significant other if you want to safeguard your relationship, and discourage a possible workplace affair.

Prevent a Work Spouse Relationship from Becoming a Workplace Affair

The annual Christmas party is prime time for a work spouse relationship to make the transition to a workplace affair. Fortified by a few drinks, one work spouse may say or do something to their work husband or work wife that could lay the groundwork for taking their work spouse relationship to the next level. Your presence at your spouse or significant other’s office Christmas party could keep their work spouse relationship from turning into a workplace affair.

Keep Predatory Co-workers at Bay

Make your presence known to your mate’s co-workers and stake your claim. If a co-worker has been secretly admiring your spouse or significant other all year, the office Christmas party is when they’re most likely to make their move. Being there with your mate will put a damper on those plans. Even the most brazen co-worker who has designs on your spouse or significant other, is likely to have second thoughts about making a play for them with you there.

Stop Sexual Escapades at the Office Party

It’s fairly common for employees to sneak away from the office party to engage in sexual shenanigans. In a survey by Trojan Condoms, 49% of office workers said they’d be willing to have sex with a fellow employee at the Christmas party if the opportunity presented itself. Accompany your spouse or significant other to their company Christmas party, and reduce the chance of such an opportunity presenting itself.

If you Suspect a Workplace Affair

What if you suspect your spouse or significant other of already being involved in a workplace affair? Since workplace affairs are usually difficult to detect, the office party is one of the best chances you’ll have to find out if what you suspect is true. By watching your spouse or significant other interact with opposite sex co-workers, you’ll be able to tell if they’re having a workplace affair. Their body language and behavior around each other will give them away.

But knowing what to look for is the key. If you’re not sure what to be alert for, send for the FREE tip sheet entitled “ What to Look for at the Office Party if You Suspect a Workplace Affair.” E-mail with What to Look For-b2 in the subject line.

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