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Are You A 40 Something Man? Are You Aware Of The Health Disasters Awaiting You If You Don’t Take Notice?

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:35pm

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Hi there,

Phew that is a pretty harsh headline, isn’t it? It got your attention didn’t it?

Well it was meant to!

Did you know that a large number of the dreaded diseases that humans get in the second half of their lives are lifestyle related, I know there are numerous other contributing factors like genes and chance?

But the evidence is stacking up in your favor if you are prepared to make the necessary lifestyle change, that is besides the fact that your quality of life will be tremendous.

If you have a minute to look through this blog you’ll notice that it is about some pretty serious diseases but more than that it is about learning how to manage your health challenges so that you can get the most out of your life and the life you offer your loved one’s.

No I don’t mean to be preaching but I’m passionate about spreading the word, there is hope, there are solutions. A fantastic fulfilling life can be yours, if you want it!

But you need to be prepared. I’ve written a book called “Congratulations You’re Forty Something” , specifically for men about our mid-life crisis, medically called andropause and how to be triumphant and relevant where and when it counts.

There is some amazing proof of longevity available today, scientists have established that the average person who manages to avoid [TAD-SELF]diabetes[/TAG-SELF] can expect to live 8 years longer than someone with diabetes, now wouldn’t you like to spend more time having fun, enjoying the fruits of your labor, etc. Diabetes can be avoided if you take the necessary steps soon enough, it is up to you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

If you need some motivation imagine your life as a mortally ill person unable to care for himself and ask yourself, do I want this?

Now picture yourself touring the world with your lover, you’re having so much fun exploring all those romantic places you never had time to visit, you feel fantastic you’re having the time of your life and at bedtime you are able to express your physical love.

Which one are you?

Your health


PS. If you’re serious about taking charge of you health and a fulfilling future arm yourself with the information that can save your life, read my book “Congratulations You’re Forty Something”

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