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An American woman, American men and an Italian walk into a bar...

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:47pm
I was out to dinner this week with a table full of American men and one man from Italy-

No, this is not the beginning line of a joke.

We got on the subject of women- in particular American women vs. foreign women.

Some of the American men were talking about the standard belief of American men that Latin women and Italian women are better in bed…

So the Italian man speaks up and asks, “Why? Why do you American men all think this?”

The American men go on to blast off a list of all the reasons why this is so-

They are passionate, hot headed, expressive, temperamental…

The Italian man looked so put off as they were spouting off all the reasons-

“You American men are all the same”, the Italian man said between an almost disgusted grunt.

He went on to say, “You want in our women the very thing you call crazy in your women.”

The American men were caught off guard and sat silent for minute-

I think their thick heads were trying to translate what he had just said-

Sure enough- one of the American men asked him what he meant by that-

The Italian man answers, “You think it is so hot and sexy, the temper – the aggression- the passion in our women. But then I hear you call American women nuts, psycho and crazy for the exact same thing. So, I guess your women should go around talking with a little accent and maybe you would think the same of them as you do Latino women?”

Bravo! I could have kissed him…

Of course the American men let it fly right over their heads, some of them acting like they didn ’t get it- a couple actually agreeing that what he had just said was true.

I was with a foreign man for 4 ½ years. The same could be said of them as American men say of foreign women-

Foreign men are passionate, savor life, affectionate, colorful and good in bed.

I just found it entertaining that the Italian man called the American men on their double standard.

I have said myself that American men are like chocolate- tasty. Where foreign men are like Nutella - heavenly. Both equally delicious but definitely different.

So a Latino woman with passion is a hot tamale while an American woman with passion is nutso.

Makes me think of the powder keg we Americans live sitting on in our society. The non expressive ways in which we go through life every day, the lines we never cross because that is the way it is.

Other cultures greet each other with a kiss where we have our “space” that no one is supposed to enter. We don’t show emotion- not true emotion.

We don’t show anger- we suppress ourselves sexually.

And we attack or medicate those who do any of the above like a pack of wild hyenas or a river of Parana- because they make us uncomfortable with their passion~ like a spotlight shining on all the ways in which we are living in suppression.

And we wonder why we are addicted? Medicated? Numb?

Workaholics, sex addicts, drug addicts, alcoholics-

Go to Italy, Spain, France, anywhere and do you find AA and a program for every disorder under the sun?

If you do it is because an American brought it there.

It is not to say there are not addictions in other countries-

I think AA should stand for American's anonymous-

Since we are addicted to being addicted.

But America has a freak flag just waiting to be flown-

I fly mine most days:)

Most people think if they let go, even if it is the tiniest bit- they will lose all control-

Well, like a top wound up tight- maybe it will feel like spinning out of control-

Only because there is actual movement instead of stagnant immobility.

How can you fly your freak flag today?

Be free?


Nutso, crazy, psycho or if you are Latino? Sexy...:)

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