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Alzheimer’s and Aluminum - What You Should Know.

Posted Aug 23 2008 9:18pm

The role of aluminum in the development of Alzheimer’s has been a rather controversial topic for quite a while.

According to history alum was 1st utilized in water purification in Frankfurt in 1880, the 1st cases were noticed in the vicinity 27 years later in 1907 by one Alois Alzheimer.

The theory behind aluminum being a factor in the development in Alzheimer’s is because it binds to an iron carrying protein know as transferrin which focuses on the brain region..

It was found that aluminum accumulates in the brain in regions where transferrin receptors are highest and that it also reduces magnesium function in vital metabolic reactions in the brain.

In recent years there has been a number studies for and against aluminum as an Alzheimer’s risk factor, nobody has yet been able to give conclusive evidence either way.

We recommend that until conclusive evidence appears you try and avoid aluminum, just to be on the safe side!

In the meantime don’t get caught off guard, be on the look out for these 10 Alzheimer’s warning signs .

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