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Alpha male — or just jerk?

Posted Jan 22 2012 4:05pm

Is seems universal that people find confidence attractive. But at what point does self-assurance cross the line to arrogance and thus become unattractive?

This week I was contacted by a self-described alpha male. These men are typically proud to be dominant, “my way or the highway” kind of guys. They consider compromise wimpy. They often rise to the top of their profession, sometimes by bullying, intimidation and manipulation.

Curious, I responded to his email, asking about his statement, “I will be a *Best Selling* Author (shortly)” (sic — emphasis his). He has no agent, no publisher and has barely started the book. Having 25 published books of my own, two of which have sold over 200,000 copies, I know what it takes to become a bestseller. It is not something one can proclaim before it is even published.

Since he doesn’t know the rules of capitalization, I wonder if he knows how to spell “hubris.”

When I questioned him about his lack of personal photos, only pics of his home and cars, he pointed me to his profile, which says, “I would hope that a woman (any woman) would pay attention to what I ‘wrote’ in my profile, more so than just judge by looking at pictures.

“I think it is completely ‘subjective’ when someone looks a picture and is either delighted, suspect, or intimidated by what they ‘see’. I am not one of those. I take into account every aspect of another persons (sic) personality, character, ambition, or self-esteem to the absolute disregard for their material posessions (sic); which can neither keep me, control me, or maintain me.”

So, this overly confident man doesn’t have a clue of the importance of seeing how one projects oneself to the world through appearance. He purportedly takes into account *every* other aspect of another. Right. How could one possibly get that from a few pics? Impossible.

People’s words — whether written or spoken — can speak volumes about their values, priorities, and character. Of course people can — and do — lie. But if they are sharing their truth — as I believe this pompous man is — they will reveal as much as you need to know.

Have you encountered alpha males in your dating adventures? How did you deal with them?


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