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Advertisements about enlargement

Posted Jan 31 2010 2:56pm

Is it possible that so many men have issues with size that there is actually a market out there that secretly thinks this stuff works.  Is it possible that two thoughts are at work here -

1. Men believe that if they are bigger, women will be more interested.  I don't know about you but I don't see many penis's in bars or restaurants or clubs or any where else.  I see the guy first and if he truly thinks he should be bigger than I feel sorry for him and move along.  Cause it isn't the tool that has the problem it's how you use it.

2. There is a never ending supply of spam on making it bigger better harder longer.  How is it possible that those words actually sound dirty now.  I subscribed to a couple of feeds on this site because it looked very good.  Today - I have about 5 updates from some Mike guy who seems to think everyone needs to fix what god gave them.  Any body else feel a little put off by this kind of advertising on feeds?  Let's hear it right here.

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