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Addicted to T & A, Bill Clinton and welcome to the Wild Wild West…

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:38pm


T & A

I have a slight addiction to T & A-

I know admitting it is the first step…


Still- how do I remove the temptation out of my life?


T & Ais everywhere I turn…


It‘s not like I can get rid of my cell phone…


I am referring to TEXT & ANSWER -


Had you going for a secondJ


I am so used to communicating all day long-


From all the emails that come in…


To the comments…


And since I am a writer-


I prefer text messaging.


I can text message in my sleep.


I wish there were text fights like the gun fights in the Wild Wild West-


I would win every one of them hands down-


There is no one faster on this side of the Percy Priest…


I have no mercy either-


I can answer a text in the middle of giving CPR- while whistling the tune to Dixie…


So in my book- there isn’t much excuse for not taking the 2 seconds it takes to reply back-


Also, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do in a text message…




I am one of these that would break up over one- communicate a serious matter over one- say “I love you” over one…


It is personal and impersonal at the same time to me…


For example-


I would text someone that I would never think of picking up the phone to call.


Making a phone call- to me- is personal…


Maybe to me- text messaging is what “sexual relations” were to Bill Clinton…


The phone call?… now that is “sexual relations” to me.


Here is where I need some TAA -


I have this addiction to texting…


But now-also- to the answer from the other person.


Not good to be addicted to something that is completely out of your hands…


T & A…

I am getting on my own nerves.


Even my own best friend is stunned at my ability to multi task-


I was over at her house having a conversation with her-


We were on our lap tops-


An email came in that I read to her-


In the same moment- I continued talking to her- while replying to the email- while answering a text message.


 All at the same time.


She started cracking up and asked me to read back to her my email reply-


I did…


She couldn’t believe I could articulate an email response while carrying on a completely different conversation with her… while answering a text that came in at the same time- all in about 60 seconds.




Over drive…


The men out there are just going to have to forgive me-


With Amy V???


Unlimited text messaging comes with the package!









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