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A Wife’s Perspective On Stimulation Techniques!

Posted Mar 06 2009 12:00am

What follows is a wife’s perspective on what husbands may do to enhance clitoral stimulation.  Remember these thoughts are addressed to husbands.   

1. Only around 30% of women orgasm through intercourse alone. The rest need additional stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.

2. If you place a pillow under our lower back (not rear end), this will tilt our pelvis down and will allow the penis to have a better chance of rubbing against our clitoris as you thrust in and out.

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3. When you are on top in the missionary position, instead of having your legs inside of ours, try putting them outside of ours. With our legs together, we will get more stimulation than normal and you are more likely to make contact with our clitoris as you thrust. You can still thrust the usual way, but a circular motion like you are stirring a drink with your penis really works well.

4. Read up on the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) technique. This will help you stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, also.

5. The clitoris can also be stimulated manually by either one of us during intercourse. Some people are reluctant to do this, but you shouldn’t be. There is no right or wrong way to have an orgasm (between spouses). The only thing that’s wrong is to assume that wives don’t need orgasms or value them as much as husbands do. There is nothing wrong, abnormal, sick, or unnecessary about doing this.

6. You can also use ( purchase ) an egg (or bullet) style vibrator. They are small and work well for clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Just start with low speed, if you have a multi-speed model, and place it right against our clitoris. Now, enter us vaginally with your penis (use missionary position). Your body will hold the bullet (or egg) in place on our clitoris while you stroke in and out of our vagina. This way, we can receive the clitoral stimulation that we may need in order to orgasm during intercourse. You can use it in the woman-on-top position easily, also.

7. Another thing you can do is insert your penis into our vagina as far as it will go. Don’t move it in and out. Just grind your pelvis right up against our clitoris and keep grinding. You may need to lubricate us, first, as you want to pleasure our clitoris, not irritate it.

8. Another great technique to help provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse is to use a long, narrow, silky scarf, and place it’s midpoint behind your penis and testicles. Bring the ends around to the front, just above the base of your penis and tie them together firmly, but not painfully, in a large knot. The larger the knot, the better. You may even want to tie several knots to maximize the size of your knotted area. Be sure to leave the free ends at least a foot long. During missionary-position intercourse, we can grab the free ends of the scarf with our hands and pull back and forth on them to stimulate our clitoris with the knot.

9. Another variation is to get in the classic missionary position, with a pillow under our buttocks for a better angle. Now, lube your penis, but instead of placing it inside our vagina, lay it flat against our vulva, with the head of the penis aimed towards our clitoris. Now close the distance, as comfortably as possible, by placing your body closer to ours. Now, stroke back and forth, just like you would if you were inside the vagina. With each stroke, your penis will rub against the vulva and the head of your penis will hit the clitoris, sending us over the edge. Your penis will stay outside of our vagina for this technique.

10. This is another technique to help incorporate clitoral stimulation into intercourse. It does require a bit of preparation. You will need 5 thick bath towels, a satin nightshirt (or large satin fabric), and two pieces of string, twine, rope, or something similar. If the towels aren’t thick enough, you may need to use more than 5. Lay the first towel on the floor and roll it up lengthwise. Now take the second towel and roll it tightly around the first one. Continue until all 5 towels are rolled up around each other into one tight bundle. Now take the satin nightshirt (or satin fabric) and wrap it around the bundle, securing it with the two pieces of string, about ¼ of the way from each end of the roll. Your roll should now look similar to a rolled up satin sleeping bag. Get us naked and have us get on all fours, straddling the satin bundle. Enter us from behind. Have us move our knees outward to lower ourselves on top of the bundle. Our clitoris should be lightly touching the bundle. Now, begin thrusting. Each thrust should slide our clitoris back and forth over the satin bundle, giving us that clitoral stimulation we needs.

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