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A Potpourri of Life Coaching Homework for Your Spring Cleaning

Posted Apr 15 2010 11:20am

I won't even make you pay me to make you do this stuff. But seriously, if you haven't in a while, no better time than Spring.  

  • Clean out your refrigerator and pantry, discarding all expired and stale foods as well as those perfectly fine items you simply find you aren't eating (appropriate boxed and canned items of that nature can be donated to a food pantry in your area). Take everything out, wash the inside surfaces of your cabinets and refrigerator and arrange your items so they are useable to you.  Put an end to the days of staring at shelves of food and thinking “We have nothing in here to eat” and going for the chips and soda. How easy can you make eating healthy and interesting foods given your lifestyle? 

  • Go through your complete wardrobe, including shoes, accessories, undergarments, and outerwear. Discard any items that are in bad condition.  Items that are in good condition but which are ill-fitting on you or that you do not enjoy wearing should be donated to charity.  Set aside all clothes needing repair, ironing, or other attention and make plans to handle these issues in the next week.  Don’t forget shoes in need of laces or cleaning as well as coats missing buttons and that one broken earring missing a mate.  Create a wardrobe that reflects the person you would like the rest of us to see, even at a moment’s notice.  Impulsive clothes shopper? Implement this rule: For every new item you bring home, 2 items must be given away or discarded.

  • Go through your toiletries and medicine cabinet and discard expired or otherwise deteriorated items.  What would make it easier for you to do all those “little things” like flossing, taking your vitamins, and such?

  • Drive the speed limit on all local roads.  Period.  Start to think about changes you would need to make so that travel time is planned for appropriately?  This is not an issue of whether the speed limit is appropriate.  This is about you learning to slow down and develop a more realistic perspective on how long life takes to be lived in a peaceful, focused way.  This may be one of the more difficult tasks you are asked to do but it will teach you a great deal and you will learn quite a bit by watching the reactions of those around you.  In raising your consciousness about the effects of speed and impatience on people you will be better able to make informed choices about the way you wish to move through the world. 

  • Determine what you believe to be an acceptable amount of time online.  Set a timer and take honest and careful note of how well you are able to adhere to this limit. If you exceed it consistently, hold yourself accountable to answering the question “why?” do your satisfaction. 

  • Make arrangements to clean your garage and any storage areas.  Look at everything you own.  Be clear about what you are keeping and why.

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