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A Photography Book? Aren't You a Coach? We Thought You Were WRITING a Book!

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:07pm

Give me land, lots o' land under starry skies above,

Don't fence me in!

Have you not seen how long my posts are? Please don't make me write MORE!  Seriously, I am excited for you to see a whole other aspect of what I do. And truly, for me what I do is all very integrated. Here are my thoughts on photography:

Viewing a photograph is as close as you can get to being someone else, for just a moment, looking out at the world through their eyes. It's very profound, really, if you think about it. When you look at my photographs, you get a very unique and intimate sense of how I see the world, the depth of my focus and my sensitivity to what I see. It has been interesting for me to realize how much my artistic vision is revealed in my life away from the lens. That search to really see, to really understand the essence of my photographic subject parallels the way in which I approach relationships, including my relationships with clients. I want to know them, appreciate their complexity, respect the beauty found even - or perhaps, especially -in their sometimes broken edges.

I am forever falling in love. My lens taught me that. When you really see something and you truly pay attention, you begin to erase the distance between you and when you do that, you fall in love. You can't help it. I have even fallen in love with spiders. Sounds crazy for an arachnophobic, I know, but that is the absolute truth. Learning how to see cured me of my fear.

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