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A map for your Flow journey: I’m finally ready to give it to you (and a lot more)

Posted Nov 27 2011 10:01pm

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it (with or without turkey:-)) – and thank you everyone in any case – thank you for being you!

I am here to support you in just that – in being you, FULLY. But how exactly?

I mean, it’s only natural that before you even consider embarking on a flow journey with me you want to know where it’s going and how we’ll be getting there! You want a map and some pictures to give you an impression, you want some facts, and you want to find out whether this is where you indeed want to go and when and how…

And, I have to admit, that except in direct coaching conversations and in the Flow ~Integration materials as such, I haven’t been very good at providing you with such information or at least not in the way I wanted to. And that, I believe, has led to some confusion, ambiguity, uncertainty. Sorry about that!…  Even if I did my best, it just wasn’t possible before now, for several reasons.

Before I show you how this is all going to change, I do want you to know that one of the reasons  is that Flow~Integration is a gigantic topic and for months and months, in spite of many attempts, it has been impossible for me to present it in a structured, clear sort of way while at the same time making that structure flexible, living and inspiring.  To me, the latter is a requirement!

As it turned out, that again required that a certain phase of my own integration journey be completed first. The good news is that I’m there now! A child is born! Well, not literally, but almost :-) :

On the night where it all shifted, I dreamed about a man, that took off on an airplane  but then jumped the plane! and landed in a river. And there I saw him, being carried by the river on his back, with a baby girl securely resting on his chest, and for reasons I cannot quite explain in words it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart…

And by the way, I love that picture because to me the best of life is right there, between heaven and earth, connecting it all, in the flow!

Anyhow, when I woke up, the inner and outer work of many months had come to fruition and all I need to do now is to keep on building on it! (that should keep me busy for a year or two  :-D ). Seriously, this is really a rebirth of my work, both figuratively and literally speaking:

It affects everything I do presently and probably for years to come, including the book I write and what I prepare for you next (starting with a new map of the journey and including the first Flow~Integration “How To…” resource!).

So stay tuned!

PS: The  map is flexible… So if there is anything that you would want to be included in our journey together? Specific challenges to  be addressed? Questions to be answered? Let me know in a comment below, or email me here.

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