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A Good Husband Makes A Good Husband

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:20pm
My wife sweetly requested that she be given an opportunity to say something...

I just don't think it's fair that A Good Husband is putting up good deeds of other husbands without his own wife spotlighting him.

As far back as before we were engaged I've heard the refrain, "wow! you've got him trained well." Usually I'll hear this when my husband gives me a foot rub, brings me water without me asking, asks if I'd like to go home early, makes dinner, does the dishes, takes me out dancing, or offers me a bite of his cheesecake. I want to set the record strait. There's been no training.

My wonderful husband (and seriously one of the reasons I married him) made the choice that I was going to come first in his life and so when I make a request he will do as much as he can to fulfill it. Sometimes he tells me no or we compromise, but most of the time he'll do what I ask and many, many times he picks up on my regular requests and will do them for me without asking.

For example, my husband
loves his cell phone, partly because he gets the internet on it and he loves the internet. When we're out and about he's constantly checking his phone. This used to make me feel unimportant and so, I would ask him to put away his phone, which he would obligingly do. Now, if we're out and about, when my face gets a certain look away goes the phone - no matter how close the game is. To get the record straight: my amazingly good husband. is observant, self-motivated, caring, loving, and persistent but he is not trained.
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