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6 After-Christmas Signs of Infidelity that Will Confirm Your Cheating Spouse’s Extramarital Affair

Posted Jul 28 2008 8:14pm
If you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, the close of the Christmas season is the ideal time for you to finally get some tangible proof. A cheating spouse can be exposed by the gifts he or she gives, or the gifts he or she receives. Shortly after Christmas, you can find 6 gift-related signs of infidelity which will confirm the existence of an affair. But knowing what to look for is the key.

Keep your eyes open for these “after-Christmas” telltale signs:

A hidden gift you discovered before Christmaswhich has now disappeared but wasn’t given to you. (If no one else in the family received it, who was it given to?)

Receipts for the purchase of two identical gifts.(If you received one; who was the other one given to?)

A thank you note or e-mail to your spousefrom a member of the opposite sex for a Christmas gift you know nothing about. (If it was just an innocent gift, your spouse would have mentioned it to you or even asked you to help pick it out.)

Gifts of a personal naturegiven to your spouse by a member of the opposite sex. (Scarves or ties are harmless; but jewelry, lingerie or similar personal items should raise an alarm.)

Expensive gift items that suddenly appear after Christmas, which your spouse claims to have bought for himself/herself. (Does your spouse have a sales receipt for the suspicious gift?)

Credit card statements that arrive after Christmasshowing charges for gift items you know nothing about and didn’t personally receive. (If you didn’t charge a watch from Tiffany’s or $300 worth of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, who did? And who was it given to?)

If you find any of these signs of infidelity, keep in mind that what you’ve found is only the tip of the infidelity iceberg. Signs of infidelity never appear in isolation. If your spouse is cheating, there are always corroborating telltale signs. Remember -- where there’s one sign of infidelity, there are usually dozens of other telltale signs just waiting to be found. Since many of them are subtle and easy to overlook, knowing what to look for is the key.

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