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5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Combat Erectile Dysfunction….

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:35pm

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Hi there,

Since erectile dysfunction is of the symptoms of andropause (”mid-life crisis”) it stands to reason that treating the cause will have a positive effect on the symptoms - a major factor in natrual medecines effectiveness, healing the cause cancels the symptoms.

The lifestyle changes are:

  1. Exercise - exercise is vital for male sexuality, improving frequency, satisfaction and performance.
  2. Stress Management - stress managements is vital for sexual health. Stress zaps your adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are needed during andropause to prevent fatigue and burnout. Adrenal exhaustion in men is linked to anxiety and depression.
  3. Limit coffee
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Limit sugar - also know as “white death”. Evidence proofs that if you avoid diabetes you’ll live 8 years longer.

Adrenal support recommendations include vitamin B complex, adrenal glandalar formula, royal jelly and pantothenic acid. Also put some romance back in your life. Our mediteranean brother are ahead of us here they live longer because of their lifestyles they are lovers of red wine and in-love with love.

Make life meaningful, passion is life. Depression is no passion…

Have a good weekend


PS. For an comprehensive cause, symptom and healing guide on andropause and all diseases related to being a 40 something male read my book “Congratulations You’re Forty Something”

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