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5 Easy Ways to Pick Up Women

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:43pm
Do you know how to pick up women? To get a girlfriend, you have to play your cards right. If you find yourself without a date each weekend, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser, it just means you need to learn a few tips. Here are 5 easy ways to draw her effortlessly into your life.

Project Confidence

The #1 secret to picking up women is confidence. If you’ve ever wondered why James Bond gets so man girls, it’s not just his looks. It’s his confidence. He owns every room he walks into. He intimidates men and makes women swoon.

Before you approach a woman, look at her from across a crowded room. Keep your eyes soft but strong and look at her for several seconds, allowing a slow smile to spread over your face. If she’s interested, she’ll smile back but look away. Wait for her to look back up at you and then make your approach.

Walk This Way

As you’re walking toward her, keep your back straight and stride slowly. Approaching too quickly will make you look eager and desperate and that will turn her off right away. Striding confidently toward her gives her a chance to really look at you and get a sense of who you are. It also unconsciously tells her you like to take your time and do things right.

Dress the Part

Striding slowly and confidently toward her will only work if you’re dressed for success. The type of clothes you’ll choose will depend on the setting but you can never go wrong with button-up shirts, jeans, white T-shirts, or, if the occasion permits, a suit. These are the types of clothes that turn women on.

Deepen Your Voice

Women are hard-wired to be drawn to men with confidence, strength, and enough testosterone to protect them and father children. Men with deep voices tend to get more dates than men with high-pitched voices. Practice a couple of times before leaving the house to pick up women. If you overdue it and try to sound like Barry White, you’ll sound ridiculous. Just relax, take a deep breath, and lower your pitch. She’ll be drawn to you immediately.

Smell Right

No matter how good you look or how confident your walk, you’ll never get a girlfriend if you have bad breath or body odor. Before you step out, make sure you smell as good as you look. Pop a mint, use some deodorant, and splash on some cologne. Just don’t go to heavy on it or you’ll cover up the natural scent women are drawn to.

Speaking of natural scent, the true secret to picking up women is pheromones. The amount of testosterone your body naturally projects will give you an edge over other men. If you have low levels of testosterone, women may not notice you regardless of how well you dress, how much money you make or how good-looking you are. Try pheromone cologne products for men and watch women who would never give you the time of day sit up and take notice!

There are millions of men in the world competing for their right to find a mate and pass on their genes. Whether you want to pick up a woman for the evening or find a girlfriend for a long-term relationship, confidence is everything. Practice what you’ve learned then get out there and mingle!

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