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3 Tips To Talk Dirty Without Offending Her (Video)

Posted Feb 09 2010 6:00am

Talking dirty is a great way to spice up your sex life and make sex more enjoyable and exciting for both you and your partner. If you’ve never talked dirty to your partner during sexhow can you start? Some women are put off by dirty talkbut other women really enjoy it. How can you avoid making her uncomfortable? Here are 3 tips to talk dirty to your partner during sex without offending her!

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If you’ve never talked dirty before with your partneryou definitely don’t want to jump in feet first. Avoid being vulgar at firstand start slow. Start by simply vocalizing your enjoyment during sex and see if she likes it. Try describing what you’re doing to herwhat you want to do or what you are ab0ut to do. Watch her facial expressions and body language to tell if she likes it or not. Go with the flow and let her show you if she wants you to take it further.

Your tone of voice and attitude is more important than the words you’re saying when you’re talking dirty. It’s important to be genuine when talking dirty to your partnerbecause it’s easy to see right through you if you fake it. Take the time to get to know your partner sexuallyand don’t be afraid to ask your partner what she likes and what turns her on. You want to tailor your “dirty” talk to what turns her on. For examplea woman may be very turned on by romantic talksuch as hearing how much you love her during sex. A woman on this wavelength is going to become very offended by vulgar dirty talk. On the other side of the spectrumhowevera woman who really gets off on vulgarity is not going to want to hear anything romantic. Try talking about your fantasies with your partneror talking about her fantasies. Describe themact them out and roleplay them. You can even incorporate costumes and toys when you and your partner begin to incorporate dirty talk more and more into your sexual habits.

One “dirty talk” theme that many women enjoy is “possession.” Talk about how your partner is “yours” and how she “belongs to you.” Say“I want youyou’re mine.” There is very little risk involved in this type of dirty talkbecause women in a relationship generally like to have a claim staked on themeven if it’s just in the bedroom and between you and her. She wants to know that she’s yours and that she’s attractive to you and you want her. As you become more comfortable with talking dirty with your partner during sexyou can use the possession theme in a romantic way or in a dirtiersexy way.

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