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14 Problems Work Spouse Relationships Can Cause

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:19pm
Although many people consider work spouse relationships harmless, I totally disagree with this view. The biggest problem is that a work spouse relationship can turn into a full-blown workplace affair, and wreak havoc on the personal lives of the work husband or work wife involved.

However, But even if a work spouse relationship doesn’t eacalete into a workplace affair, it can still create a multitude of problems on a professional level, including the 14 listed below.

• Co-workers envious of the relationship between you and your work husband / work wife may attempt to sabotage your work.

• Your productivity or the productivity of your work spouse or those around you may suffer.

• You and your work husband / work wife could become the subject of office gossip.

• If your work spouse relationship results in preferential treatment with regard to work assignments, raises, promotions or company perks your co-workers will resent you.

• A work spouse relationship with your boss will may you a reputation as someone trying to sleep their way to the top.

• If you are a woman, and your work spouse relationship becomes a problem, you may be transferred to another department or asked to leave the company. Usually the woman who’s penalized when these office spouse relationships become a problem.

• If you’re a man, and the relationship with your work wife goes south, you may find yourself facing sexual harassment charges.

• The situation could become awkward, if your work spouse relationship deteriorates, and the two of you still have to work together.

• If your work spouse relationship ends on a negative note, and your work husband / work wife is a vindictive person, he or she can sabotage your career in untold ways.

• A disgruntled work spouse in a position of power can negatively influence the kind of work assignments, raises, and opportunities for advancement you receive.

• A work spouse relationship can cause your coworkers to have a lower perception of your job performance.

• If your work husband or work wife is your superior, your co-workers will attribute your job advancement to your work spouse relationship, no matter how hard you work or how competent you may be.

• If other co-workers feel alienated, by your work spouse relationship, you and your work spouse could be accused of creating a hostile environment in the workplace.

• Even if your work spouse relationship is not a workplace affair, it can give the perception of being one.

If you are a work wife or work husband, and you’re wondering if your work spouse relationship could lead to a workplace affair, take my Work Spouse Quiz to see if your office spouse relationship is in the danger zone. For a free copy of the Work Spouse Quiz, e-mail with the words “work spouse quiz-b ” in the subject line.

For more information about infidelity and workplace affairs, visit

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