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Brian Burgess is the Director of , one of the leading drug and alcohol teen rehab centers in Orange County, CA. Rehab for Teens is dedicated to transforming the lives of teenagers by providing compassionate and effective treatment to teens with alcohol and chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders and behavioral problems. At our Rehab Center for Teenagers, we have adopted the TeenSavers approach that not only treats the addiction, but also identifies and analyzes the underlying causes... Full Bio
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Are you happy with where you’re at in life? It’s never too late to change! #motivation.


Jan 20 2014 by Rehab_for_Teens
Approximately three in 100 high school students in the United States have tried the drug. From 1995-2002 the number of American teenagers aged 12-17 who have used heroin increased by over 300 percent. 
Nov 13 2013 by Rehab_for_Teens

Addiction doesn’t happen suddenly, I mean teenagers don’t just wake up one morning and decide to be an addict. It takes a long time of interval and some circumstances which act as a catalyst that prods and finally pushes them in that direction.  Read more ….