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Quincy, Massachusetts
I blog about my struggle with depression.  I decided that I have had enough of depression and I wasn't going to confront it head on. 
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Change Change Change

I had my medication appointment this week. It went OK. I was hoping for more a change like changing my two medications but she just added 10...

How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety During Blogher 2014

I am going to my 4th Blogger in two weeks. Even after 4 years, it is overwhelming. In situations where I know no one, I tend to revert to my...

A Day At The Market–France Part 2

There is one thing I wish Boston had. I wish we had a really good public market like other cities do. There is an outdoor market but the...

I Went to France! Part 1

I can not believe that it is already July! I have been a big time blogging procrastinator but I am going to Blogher at the end of the...

A Weight Off My Chest

Where to begin. Even with this blog, I still hold things back. I had a little breakdown with the guy the other day. It started...

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Feb 23 2011 by MoniqueS

Thanks so much for accepting! Your my first friend on here. I'm now following your blog too. I appreciate your 'enough is enough' attitude. I look forward to your next post.



Feb 11 2010 by Jennifer L.

Hi Redheadedjen, 

My name is Jennifer and I am a part of Wellpshere's community team and I would like to welcome you to Wellsphere!

It's a great place to get answers as well as share your health and healthy living experiences. Feel free to ask/answer questions, leave comments on interesting blog posts, set goals to work towards, and make new friends! Hope your doing well in Massachusetts!

If you ever need need help, don't hesitate to send me a message. Have fun! 


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