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The Shorebird Month by Robert Folzenlogen Having bred on the Arctic tundra or across the Northern Plains, shorebirds funnel south in summer, passing through the American Heartland from July through early November; ... Read on »
Memories & Childhood Development by Robert Folzenlogen On our last day in Ohio, our grandson asked to see Inside Out, an animated movie by Pixar, a division of Walt Disney Pictures.  Though my wife and I had limited knowledge o ... Read on »
Pickerelweed by Robert Folzenlogen Clumps of pickerelweed, an emergent perennial, are found along the shallows of Sandy Lake, in northeast Ohio.  Identified by their rich green leaves (heart to lance shaped) ... Read on »
Sandy Lake from a Kayak by Robert Folzenlogen Though there is a pleasant, graveled trail that loops around Sandy Lake, one cannot truly appreciate this ecosystem without getting out on the water.  Fortunately, we have ... Read on »
Martin Mania by Robert Folzenlogen Behind our cottage on Sandy Lake, in northeast Ohio, two purple martin structures tower above the end of a dock, each harboring a dozen nest cavities.  There are no vacanci ... Read on »
North through Appalachia by Robert Folzenlogen Leaving Athens, Ohio, this morning, we headed northeast through the Sunday Creek Valley, a tributary of the Hocking River.  As is typical across the unglaciated Appalachian ... Read on »
Heading for the Hills by Robert Folzenlogen Invited to attend a wedding in southeastern Ohio, we left Columbia this morning and drove east on Interstate 70.  For most of our trip, we crossed the Glaciated Plain of th ... Read on »
Summer Dusk by Robert Folzenlogen It is in mid summer that we most appreciate dusk, a welcome reprieve from the late afternoon heat.  Venturing outdoors, we often enjoy a soft, cool breeze as evening shadow ... Read on »
Mid Summer Relief by Robert Folzenlogen After more than a week of hot, humid weather, a cold front has dropped into central Missouri.  Igniting thunderstorms early this morning, with periods of heavy rain, the fr ... Read on »
The Trump Phenomenon by Robert Folzenlogen Donald Trump knows America.  He understands that racism and intolerance pervade our society, that many Americans fear "foreigners" and that a sizable contingent of American ... Read on »