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You get to know the city better on foot then in a car.

Posted by serene y.

When you're walking, you really get to know the city. Yes, it may take longer then if you were to drive, but think of it as exercise as well as therapy. Choose a destination, the distance depends on how in shape you are. If you are not used to taking a daily walk, then go a little further than the corner store, go around the block or take an extra turn just to get the heart rate up a bit. Your goal should be to walk a few miles a day. You will see that your muscle tone will improve, you will think more clearly and you are able to let your mind wander while walking. On your walk you will be able to enjoy the things that you can't from your car; The smell of flowers, stopping to pet a dog on the head, finding a dollar.....
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I walk everyday, though usually it's just to get to and from work. But, I love to walk around San Francisco, and I usually have my camera on hand because there's such a great variety of visuals. With the hills we have, even if you walk at a moderate pace, it's still quite a workout!
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