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Posted Jul 31 2007 8:06am 6 Comments

I remember waking up at Sunrise Camp in Yosemite with colorful oranges, reds, blues, greens and yellows gliding above as I looked through the tree tops. Although it was striking, the serene vision I will never forget -- not a sound -- just floating and whirling down to land close by an open field.

Has anyone hang glide into Yosemite? I believe you can only do it in the early hours of the morning before the place gets busy with campers up and starting their activities for the day.

Here is a link with pictures too!Dirk Darling Hang Gliding Yosemite

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I have always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon as well, and I've always said that my first time will be in the fall. What a wonderful experience to be in touch with nature, floating over it!
Yes, hang gliding in Yosemite is a rare treat. I've flown there a half dozen times, and each time seemed better than before. Yosemite is the only national park in the country where hang gliding is allowed, and there are some pretty specific requirements. You have to be an expert rated hang glider pilot (and member of the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding association (USHPA), sign up with the Yosemite hang gliding club in advance (, you can only fly between 7:00 and 9:00AM, and there is only one takeoff spot (Glacier point) and one landing area (Leidig meadow). But the specatacle of the valley from the air is breathtaking. On my last flight there, I was able to glide from Glacier point over to above Nevada falls, take some pictures of hikers at the top of the falls, then glide the 5 miles or so back to Leidig meadow for landing. The view as you go past Half Dome, then Yosemite falls, is remarkable. Definitely something to think about as you are climbing in the ranks of hang gliding experiences. A must-have entry in your logbook!
I'd never really thought about all that hang gliding entails. You just jump off of an incredibly huge cliff?? I'm think I may be too squeamish for it, but definitely something I hope I can overcome!
I've yet to see Yosemite, but something tells me that is the way to do it! The only problem, for me at least, would be the requirements. I'm not even one step (or glide) close to any of those.
i want to go to Yosemite
Thanks for sharing Geoffrey. What an experience!!! I am with you all the way -- five mile glide -- awesome.
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