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Why Not Rock Climb?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Every time I watched a movie like Cliffhanger, or the other zillion movies that have rock climbing, my knees would tremble. There's no way I'd be up hundreds of feet in the air hanging by a toenail. Then I discovered I could enjoy the sport without going to that extreme. My local Lewis and Clark has a rock climbing wall. You can learn about rock climbing in a safe environment. When you feel comfortable you can take it outside and begin climb smaller rocks. You don't have to start with a mountain. Rock climbing gives you the opportunity to appreciate the strength of your body. It lets you focus and clear away all the mental clutter. And there is no feeling like reaching the top under your own steam. Why not give it a try?
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rock climbing is something i want to try someday, i think it would lots of fun
Very good point, Mary Ann. And if you're considering taking up the sport, why not bring a friend along. It'll be great to have someone to cheer you on, and to learn more about safety so that if you do decide to climb outdoors, you'll have a knowledgeable partner.
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