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What do I do if my boat flips?

Posted by David J.

boat flips?
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Depends on the kind of boat. You should clarify what kind of boat you are talking about. A sailboat? A rowboat? A kayak? A canoe? A large or small sailboat? It really depends on the type of boat. If you are in a small sailboat (say, a Sunfish), then all you need to do is swim around the boat to where the centerboard is. (It will be partially underwater, on the side opposite the sail.) Stand on the centerboard and pull your weight back until the boat flips up. If you are in a large sailboat and it capsizes, then you'll need to wait for help. Wear a lifejacket!
Right it!. Our classes are taught in 14' Dinghies called 420's- The yare designed to flip over and come back up... In fact, we teach the correct method of capsize recovery - Called the "Scoop Capsize recovery method". It's so much fun, the summer camp kids do it all day long! Adults don't always have so much fun with our 60 degreee water, but you can feel safe knowing you can always get the boat back up...
if you're rowing and you fall out.... Everyone falls out of their boat eventually. BIAC has a wonderful safety manual with great illustrations about how to get back into your boat -- this is very important in cold weather. Check it out: A good instructor will cover this with you before certifying you for rowing alone. But if you already know how to row but haven't learned to get back into your boat, then you need to memorize the steps outlined in the above manual.
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