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Scuba diving and claustorphobia

Posted by Shez B.

I am clausterphobic, but my work is going on a scuba diving holiday. I am in debate. I love the water, I love sea life, I love adventures, but I don't like the feeling of not being able to breath properly or being stuck somewhere that I can't get out. Has any other clausterphobics scuba dived?
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I'm not actually clausterphobic, but I had the same worries. The scariest part was learning to breath under water in the pool. But I got used to it after a coulpe minutes. Turns out once I was under the water out in the open, the breathing never worried me and I didn't feel stuck. With proper training, you'll know that you have back-ups and once you're under the water, you'll be amazed at how HUGE it is under there. I quickly forgot about my worries. But, like I said, this is coming from someone who worried about clausterphobia, but has never actually experienced it.
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