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Scrolls are amazing knowing the prices of these well

Posted Dec 24 2012 1:42am
Scrolls are amazing knowing the prices of these well. Simply do the most popular scrolls anymore, but some from the more obscure ones as well. Steelies and ilbis just try to obtain them cheap. Just remember that ilbis have a fairly high tax, therefore it is not worthwhile if it is under 500k under normal price( MapleStory Mesos ). Scrolled equips are also proficient at this point.

The ones of the class are particularly great as it allows you to do:

1) Learn more about your class.
2) Get equips that you'll require personally at good prices because you are always looking.
3) Make profit. Continue this until you reach 100 mil.

Nicely scrolled as well as godly equips can be extremely good profit at this point. Also, the items! But quote, the prices fluctuate a great deal of these.There are no limits to reselling. The items in the above list are only to begin you off. Once you get Cheap MapleStory Mesos familiar with prices and choose your specialization, go for whatever works for you.
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