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October in Words

Posted Oct 02 2010 12:00am
How do you describe the glorious month of October? One would certainly need to use words like mild, sunny, crisp, colorful and invigorating, not to mention deep blue skies, painted foliage and cool, star-filled nights.

Of course, one should also describe skittish deer, migrant waterfowl, fragrant tailgates, wayward box turtles, the clutter of acorns, frost-covered pumpkins, the yank of nuthatches, an explosion of mushrooms, nostalgic wood smoke, the spooky hoot of owls and a majestic Hunter's Moon.

In the end, one cannot easily convey the glory of October in words or photos. Like a balmy night on a southern beach or the clear, thin air of a mountain summit, one must experience a mild autumn day in the American Heartland to fully appreciate its natural beauty and bountiful gifts.
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