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Newport International Group Equity & Debt

Posted Apr 21 2013 4:58pm

-Public Markets


Newport International Group represents recommends clients on IPOs, secondary offerings, underwriting and the administration of Listed Company equity funds raisings. This is inclusive of the design of underwriting a fund raising and the industrial aspect of an endorsement contract. Likewise, we work closely with the accounting and legal advisors of clients.

Newport International Group carry out the general management of an IPO or fund raising that entails independent counsel on pricing and structure of the bid, organizing endorsement of the offer and managing the due diligence process. A critical role played is the choice of a stockbroker as sponsor and/or broker to a bid of securities. Newport International Group works directly with the client and stockbroker to make sure their particular goals are attained.

Newport International Group suggests on the critical areas of relations with potential stockholders, current shareholders and the participants in the financial services sector as a whole. Constant revelation of criteria is required as preserved in the Corporations Law, and optional. Most listed firms take the simple approach to public information when it comes to the operation of the firm. Newport International Group recommends its clients the tactical optimisation of the asset value of their firm, be it unlisted or listed, through developing the message to the investment society.



- Private Markets

Private equity has become known as a separate investment kind of asset in the past years.

Newport International Group has more than 8 years of background in developing private equity and has made an extensive network of active, sophisticated and institutional sponsors. Our wide and comprehensive experience in this industry enables us to determine the suitable investors for each certain deal.

As a self-regulating counselor, Newport International Group association guarantees our clients will get the best probable result by the expertise of the most fitting financiers and investors.


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