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Negative-calorie gifting

Posted by Kristen D.

It's a silly name for what I think is a pretty cool idea. It comes from the time when I complained to a friend that I was still hungry after eating an apple, which I had done to satisfy that hunger. My friend told me it was a negative-calorie food, that it requires more calories to digest than the fruit actually contains. Ok, so it hadn't totally satisfied my hunger, but the apple was satisfying, and left me wanting more of something healthy. Not necessarily a bad thing.

So, in that spirit, I came up with the idea of negative-calorie gifting. No calories included, or very few when you consider how many you'll be expending. And what will you be doing to expend them, you ask? That's the beauty of the the negative-calorie gift. It's the chance for you and a loved one or friend to spend quality time together in the great outdoors (or even indoors, depending on the time of year, climate and activity), doing some kind of physical activity.

Treat you darling to a beautiful day on the water by renting a tandem kayak, and take that time to really pay attention to the nature around you, and to each other.

Have a great time climbing the walls with your younger brother or sister-treat them to a session at a indoor rock climbing gym.

Negative-calorie gifting can be inexpensive as well-consider a hike with someone who means a lot to you. A quiet day together to talk, laugh and experience the beauty of nature is something memorable and priceless.

It's the kind of thing, I think, that's great for all occasions; holidays, anniversaries, or just because. Something to consider next time you're at the mall shopping "for the person who has everything" or the person you want to do something extra special for.

I'm sure a negative-calorie gift will be that healthy, satisfying experience that has the recipient hoping for more—more nature, more adventure and more quality time with you.

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