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My first riding lesson (English)

Posted Sep 05 2008 10:06pm 2 Comments
Today, I had my very first horseback riding lesson on an English saddle. I've been riding western for roughly six months and thought it was about time to take it to the next level. I'm thinking about jumping or possibly dressage. I understand that it will take a lot of practice and that I will not be allowed ot jump right away, but it probably better that way. Anyway, I will be going back next week for my next lesson. I think I'll be pretty sore tomorrow..especially my calves. I definitely need to work out more...Til next time..Adieu!
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After having had a total colectomy which is the removal of the large intestine I have had for 8 years to do the usual pelvic florr excercises. These have worked well for me but the most helpful thing I found only lately was that When I started doing step ups in the gym this became more successful and really helped the incontinece.

I wonder why.?

I am medically trained and even my Doctor (Surgeon) could not explain why this simple thing worked so well. You do step ups my steping up on a stool first with one leg and step down and then with the alternate leg. It has a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen and you will notice how the sotmach muscles tighten. Such a simple thing and such a break through for me. As this last operation left me with problems with continence. If anyonw out there has an answer then I would love to hear it?





I think that's great and hopefully someone will benefit from what you're doing.
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