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I love the whole glass cannon thing

Posted Jan 03 2013 2:58am

I love the whole glass cannon thing. I play glass cannon characters in any game where it's allowed. Once I develop the skill necessary to not die, enemies go down quickly, which is great fun. This is also the reason I quite my mage and WoW. I signed up at chargen for glass cannon of Cheap WOW Gold. Then I get to max level to find that yes I go down to a strong sneeze and I don't hit any harder than anyone else. I hope that one day we'll get a CoT instance or raid on the Emerald Nightmare, so we can experience the events in-game rather than by reading a book.

If you go to Hellfire, you could see 5 people at night. With 20 servers merged that would mean 100 people actively in that zone. Merging servers is not a solution for lower leveled content either. Besides even servers capable of handling 100 players at once which would be not big enough to populate all that content and those servers don't exist either in a fantasy based world with some real fauna and flora and there are not some empty space like EVE. The rest is history: an MMO with 2 people in one world zone of WOW Gold is not good. With 90 levels and a massive amount of world content and massive amounts of dungeons and battlegrounds and scenarios, the only solution is to regroup people.

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