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Horseback Riding is A Smelly Sport

Posted by Gabi B.

After you finish playing a sport you normally smell bad because you have been sweating and stuff, but after you HORSEBACK RIDE you smell sweaty and you smell like HORSE... So if you have to go grocery shopping or stop by a friends house after you ride (before you get a chance to shower) bring some perfume or SOMETHING to spray... No One likes the smell of hot horse and sweat... Kinda random and weird...but it is the most important thing!
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yea, us horse people hope the smell will offend you enough to make you go away...
This just shows how stupid you are!  You know what horses smell like.......... MONEY -- because people who have horses must have money to suppose them!   But besides that if you're a (true) good friend then you wouldn't care about how they smell and visa versa..... a true friend won't judge you for what you do or don't smell like.
I have a couple of friends who do horseback riding, so I completely understand where you are coming from.
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