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Going Commando

Posted Jan 14 2008 5:10pm 10 Comments

For all the raving fans who have expressed an interest in my feet (ok, maybe not my feet, but my new Vibram FiveFingers shoes), this picture’s for both of you.

Ahhhh… the sweet feeling of freedom. All natural - just as nature intended

My hope now is that Vibram will develop a matching line of total-freedom underwear.

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This is INCREDIBLE! I love going barefoot outdoors, especially at the beach, but it can be dangerous. Shoes can be restricting in alot of the watersports I'm involved in, and these certainly are a great invention to offer more freedom of movement in such activities.
yeah, I sometimes feel like a spokesperson for Vibram (although I'm not), but the "fivefingers" do allow an almost-as-good-as-barefoot-feel. Weirdest feeling was the first time I wore 'em while driving. Strange feeling the pedal right up against my foot!
Are they okay to hike in a creek with? They look like water shoes.

I've worn mine in the gym, at the mall and in the ocean. Vibram offers 3 different models (mine is the most basic). The mid-range shoe has a strap that goes over the top of the foot - while i'd prefer that one in the water, my feet are just too wide to make it work.

They also have a 'high top' version for more extreme watersports (eg: surfing, etc).

[didn't I say I often sound like a spokesperson for 'em?!]

That's what happens when you love a product :) You must be one of their favorite customers.

nah, it's probably just because I get a professional discount - hehe!!

seriously, they are comfortable - BUT... if you're not used to going barefoot, you will need to get used to it otherwise the muscles of your feet/lower legs will be incredibly sore (and don't say I didn't warn you!).

Imagine how sore you'd be if you went into the gym on day one and trained for 8 hours straight.

Now concentrate all that soreness at the ends of your legs and you'll have an idea what 'could' happen.

I'd start by wearing 'em (or the nike free or any other "un-shoe") for an hour or 2 a day for at least the first several days. Then, depending how you're feeling w/'em, gradually increase the duration.

I use 'em while lifting weights. I've known other people who wear 'em for running (everything from sprint work to full marathons).

That's amazing that people have run full marathons with these. I do like going barefoot, so I can see how running with these would feel nice. They just don't look that "tough" like a shoe. Now I'm intrigued and want a pair :)

Out of curiosity, how long before these shoes generally wear out? Are they okay for "everyday" type wear? As an "every day" shoe for an average person (say, walking a mile or two on various surfaces throughout an average day), would they be expected to last about 6-months to a year like typical casual shoes?

The souls look thin compared to "regular" shoes...but maybe that's deceiving.

good question, david. I only discovered these this past summer, and they're still going strong. I suspect they'll last quite awhile, as there are no supports, cusioning or "anti-pronation"/"stabilizer bars" to break down.

yes, the sole is VERY thin - a durable rubber(?) material, yet extremely flexible allowing for natural movement. when they get dirty, ya' just throw 'em in the washer & let 'em air-dry. as for 'various surfaces', i've worn 'em just about everywhere but in the snow (for obvious reasons!).

in my experience, "average" people have become dependent on the artifical support structures of "regular" shoes and the transition to 'un-shoes' should be gradual.

if you really want to learn more about what i think of the 'five-fingers', you can read my original blog post at

those look cool
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