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Getting Fit in the Garden! Part 2 - Moderate Aerobic Gardening

Posted by S. L.

So, you?ve gotten yourself out into the garden. You?ve realized that since gardening is exercise, you need to do basic and important things to prepare yourself like: ? Take time to fully stretch and warm-up before you hit the garden. ? Think about your posture and bending your knees, not your back ? Alternate gardening activities and positions often - before you hurt. ? Quit when you are tired and don't overdo! ? Maintain proper hydration before and during gardening. So, what are the best sources of moderate aerobic exercise? 1. Weeding 2. Raking 3. Hoeing 4. Digging 5. Pruning and deadheading 6. Cultivating 7. Mowing 8. Bending and kneeling, mindful of your posture and bones! 9. Walking 10. Harvesting! In addition to all the aerobic benefits and the calming effects that working with plants and soil brings, you can benefit from practicing healthy eating - from scratch and enjoying improved health in the process. (SRL - 05/2007)
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