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Can The Sony MDR-V55 Step Away From Of The Lure Of That Rival Brand?

Posted Jul 24 2012 7:52am

In the diversity of electronics industries, the many kind of headphones update gradually to keep their place and to be more attractive for customers and to be the leader in the same field. Only in this way can they have a long-term development in the heating competition circumstance. Well, the Sony has announced its new style monster beats 2012 headphones of the MDR-V55 three months ago, and the other set is the MDR-XZ600 at the same time.

The MDR-V55 have spun out of Sony’s DJ range of headphone and is a folding design with large, comfortable ear pads. And the Sony MDR-V55 offers us a great deal of flexibility and less important if you are using headphones while lounging on the sofa, but perfect when mobile.

The on-ear cups are reversible, so you can flip the rest of the monster diddy beats headphones headphones out of the way when holding them to one ear. They also swivel, loop it to make it comfortable, so you can easily position them on your head, leaving an ear free, whether you’re on the decks or ordering a fat chicken and bacon sandwich.

On the other hand, the ear-cups themselves have a reasonable amount of padding, but given that these headphones are lightweight at 220g, there isn’t a need for a huge amount of padding. The headband is soft enough, but again, doesn’t have a huge amount of padding. This keeps the bulk down, which we like, as these headphones will fold up small enough to slip into your bag when you want to ditch them. It makes our operation of the player with headphones more convenient and easy in your ways. And various of colors are available at headphones outlet store, you can choose your favorite.

As the updated Sony headphones, the performance of the MDR-V55 are the wonderful to enjoy the clear and refreshing sound. In longer use, the V55 do get a little warm and after an hour of listening, we’d find that we needed to let our ears out for air. Aside from that, we found them comfortable enough for long periods of use. With great sound, they come from the “extra bass” side of Monster Beats Diamond ‘s line-up of headphones and bass is something they handle well, delivering the meat of a wide variety of dance tracks with real purpose. Stepping away from the bass, we’re impressed with the output across genres.

An important point for us, however, is that the V55 remain distortion free as you move through the volume scale, even at uncomfortably high volumes, the bass retains the precision it has lower down the volume scale. If you like bass-heavy tracks, like dance music, then the Sony MDR-V55 and monster beats turbine headphones as well may suit you down to the ground.

At the same time, Sony also provide a workable price to the headphones lovers at £89.00, if you want to purchase one for your family or some relative, this may the one suit for you.

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