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Basic gear for kiteboarding

Posted by Swati S.

Kiteboarding is the new thing in power sports. Here is a list of the basic gear you require for kiteboarding.

1. Kites: This includes the entire set of bar, line and safety system. In the beginning, go in for a smaller, more manageable kite. For most people, a ten to twelve meter low to moderate aspect kite works well to start with.

2. Boards: Again, a larger board works best in the beginning for the same reason that a smaller kite works best. A larger board will have a bigger surface area that makes it easier for you to manage.

3. Harness: There are two types of harnesses available -- the seat harness and the waist harness. They both offer different things and both work well, so ultimately, the choice is yours. The waist harness gives more support while the seat harness gives more motion.

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