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Three months after my first child was born, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. Although sarcoidosis spontaneously remits in many cases, I developed a chronic form of the disease in multiple organs-- my brain, heart, lungs, liver, cranial nerves, lymph nodes, and bones.... Full Bio
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Tired Beyond Words

I am so tired. I’ve tried sitting down a few times to write a new post, or at least to respond to the insightful comments I received after my...

The Hunger Games

I’ve lost 76 pounds. Only 24 more pounds to go, and I’ll be back to my weight when I was first diagnosed with sarcoidosis and started on high...


Yesterday I felt as though I had wasps in my brain. I had at least dozen tasks on my mental to-do list, buzzing around and crashing into each...

Chemo and Sarcoidosis Brain—Or Is It Brane?

When I was writing my last blog entry I got stuck on the verb “does.” As I went to type it, my mind seemed to empty itself of my past fifteen...


It feels like a miracle has happened to me. When I last wrote, I was stuck between good and bad news. The sarcoidosis guru I see in Ohio...

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