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Ending the journey

We started this year blog approximately a year ago in answer to a request for information sharing. We hope that many of you have found the...

Outreach fact sheet library

As a service for persons supporting individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, Outreach and the Indiana Institute on Disability and...

Finding Healthcare in Indiana

Are you uninsured? You are not alone. Millions of Americans have no health coverage. Some lost their insurance when they lost their jobs....

Tips for Building Self Determination

Making Choices \uDBC0\uDC8A If you have a disability, learn about it. \uDBC0\uDC8A Find your strengths, interests, and think creatively...


INDATA this, INDATA that. What exactly is INDATA anyway? Assistive Technology Lab Let’s catch up a bit. INDATA stands for...
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Jun 12 2009 by overdrive
Is there a summer camp in N.C. for 17 year old with BPD girl


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