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San Francisco, California
I am a freelance writer and professional blogger. A few years ago I began to suspect that I was depressed - a suspicion that was later confirmed with a diagnosis of mild depression brought on by social anxiety. So I thought a blog might help me cope. The Pursuit of Happiness recounts my dealing... Full Bio
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Following up...

This isn't a real post, just a follow up on the last one. That post was incredibly cathartic for me. Writing it was the last time I wept...

Death and falling stars

I recently lost a close friend. Literally, as I typed that, a huge, fast burning, falling star appeared before me. I literally mean literally....

Trying it the Nerdist Way

I've been away. Long time readers will know that I do that. I won't make any promises that I'm back to updating regularly. But, for now, here's...

Lame update with a quote...

It's been a while since I said anything. Things have not been good for me personally or professionally but I'm surviving. I have no patience for...

Folic fail

I finished off my fourth bottle of the mmthff-whatever a couple of days ago. Apart from the first week which I chalk up to a placebo effect, I...

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